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Featured Service: Organic SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the science & art of placing your website for higher visibility across top search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
We do this for a set of strategically defined keywords primarily through content creation & optimization among various other tactics.

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Lead Generation

Acquire leads at OPTIMUM COST, VOLUME and QUANTITY from Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo & other Contextual Web properties. Whether its a New product launch or an Online Campaign Management, our Lead generation Services will give you targeted leads and help reduce lengthy sales cycles.

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Social Media Marketing

With Social Media Marketing Pitch your Products in an Interactive way with a human touch. Social media allows companies to build relationships with current and potential customers on a more personal level. We can implement social media for your business through Blogs, Polls / Surveys, Video Promotion and Campaigns, Podcasts, Social Networks, Live Web Broadcasts, Widgets, Viral Campaigns and Wikis.

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Online Business Reputation

Internet is a network of inter connected websites. A negative feedback on a review website or a blog can ruin your brand name in the Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs). Like a deadly virus this negative feedback can spread on the Internet and tarnish your Online Business Reputation. Act before its too late.

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PPC Campaign Management

"It costs more to get a customer than it does to keep a customer" - not with PPC. PPC is the fastest way to generate leads. PPC campaigns are on-budget & results are almost instant. Pleomatic's runs your PPC campaigns under tight budgets so that you can measure cost per conversion on a product by product basis across multiple geographies.

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Stop Broadcasting... start communicating {period}

Today, nearly all of your potential customers are broadcasting exactly what they want through their searches. And search data may even be more honest than survey data, since people are searching for what they actually want, not telling a survey or what they think they should want.


Web Analytics

Every serious business owner needs real time web analytics for his website. Pleomatic's uses its own and popular analytic softwares like Google Analytics, Ominiture to give you with detailed reports on visitors in realtime.
Find out where from your visitors come, their online behavior, do they convert.

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Mobile Marketing

Whether its static in app banner ads, text and tile, rich media interstitial ads, CPC, CPI, CPM, CPM, in app, – We specialize in selecting the right media mix for your needs. We can design & implement the perfect mobile marketing strategy that can help you drive more App downloads, capture new leads, sell directly, or increase your brand awareness.

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Brand Reputation Monitoring

Does your product or brand has a positive perception in the minds of your customers? If your existing customers already have a perception - one that's the result of all the experiences over time they've had in dealing with your company & your staff. We monitor sentiment, perception and engage with your customers.

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Conversion Optimization

Studies reveal that 90% of 1st time visitors to your site do not convert. But when they are ready to buy, do they return to complete the transaction or they buy from your competitor?
We help you understand your buyer intent until goal conversion.

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