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Mobile & Location-aware Marketing

Let's face it - in today's world everybody has an internet enabled smart phone. In fact there are more mobile phones on the planet than there are TVs. Price barriers to own a smart-phone and to subscribe to 3G data plans are no more, hence this mass adoption. Mobile Marketing is a lot more than just running ads on "Angry Birds" - it requires a deep understanding of your target audience & assessment of their needs for mobile content. Most Brands sabotage their marketing efforts by keeping everything in silos - whereas Mobile should be integrated into your overall marketing mix. That's where we come in.

  • Integrate email segmentation with mobile. Engage customers with targeted offers - without the delivery challenges.
  • Boost brand engagement with customers are on the go. Follow up email campaigns with SMS marketing, use behavioural data to develop personalized offers and track campaigns with offer codes.
  • Use print media and email campaigns to drive SMS opt-ins for Cross-channel cut-through. Example: drive App downloads with SMS alerts.
  • Drive customer purchase behaviour as research shows 67% of consumers research products on a smartphone then buy in-store.
  • Want to target Non smart-phone customers? Use 2 way SMS to communicate with customers, get response who aren't using smart-phones.
  • Combine real-time geo-location capabilities of Mobiles to target customers with relevant offers and opportunities related to their current activities.
  • Gain customer insight into who is using which devices and how, with deep mobile interaction analytics at both the aggregate and individual levels.
  • Run location-aware promotions and location-based targeting via Marketplace Apps & Special Social Fanpages.

We use a variety of mobile marketing tactics such as mobile search marketing to QR codes & location based services to support a strategy developed with the explicit goal of providing your customers with the information they want, when they need it the most. Our mobile marketing solutions helped brands, marketing agencies and Online Stores to engage and delight their customers by mobile.

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