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"A brand is the intangible sum of a product's attributes: its name, packaging, and price, its history, its reputation, and the way it's advertised." - David Ogilvy. Hence 'the brand' sets a product, a service or a concept apart from others. A Brand is the ultimate identity that is created over the years that offers a "promise of value" every time.

Today's Brands have more & more historical data about their customers such as - how long they have been buying, where they live, what articles they've read on your websites, what products they've clicked and whether they have viewed your emails from desktops or mobile devices. The problem is: To your customers, you are just one brand, no matter how many places they interact with you. Hence relationship-marketing approach that fosters one-on-one attention holds the key to the success of a Brand.

Customers wants brands to lead them to a solution. They are willing to pay more attention to and money for services and products from brands who understand their goals and lead them toward solutions. Are you stuggling in Image Building, Positioning your Brand and Increasing Brand Equity Online?

Canned thoughts are for the cold storage; we deliver fresh Branding ideas. Distinguish your product / service as a Brand - not just a mere Label.

The elements of a brand such as the logo, the colours, the name and the appearance becomes a visual symbol of the brand promise. The key is - consistency, coherence & long-term planning.

A brand is the single-most powerful and intangible asset to a company that can be translated and accounted as Intellectual Capital on the company's balance sheet. Whether its increasing your brand awareness or a full re-branding of your company or product - find out how we have helped SMEs and INC 500 companies create, build and establish a brand.

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