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Our Digital Marketing Services facilitate development of new initiatives across multiple digital channels. We deliver both 'push and pull' digital marketing solutions using Organic SEO, Social media and paid search campaigns in education, Professional services, Automotive, Insurance, financial services, telecom, IT and retail sectors. Using our services; clients are able to deliver the right message at the right time, and to the right audience.

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Our Digital Marketing services blends creative flair, strategic thinking and out-of-the box technologies to create exceptional digital engagement solutions for our clients across multiple channels. Talk to a Digital Marketing Expert now »


Result Driven Digital Marketing Agency


Why go Digital?

  • Define your customer segments & develop triggered, auto communication plans
  • Improve the level of customer contact whilst reducing the cost to serve
  • Bring together multiple touch-points to provide a single view of the customer
  • Optimise online communications to make them relevant and timely
  • Provide call to action solutions for above-the-line campaigns
  • Analyse customer interactions to improve performance across channels
  • Increase the frequency and value of customer interaction
  • Bring together multiple touchpoints to provide a single view of the customer
  • Build virtual communities through social engagement
  • Turn prospects into customers and customers into advocates

We offer a Jargon-free, simplified approach to your Digital marketing needs. Get 100% Measurable results from a dedicated Digital Marketing Agency.
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Range of Digital Marketing channels


SEM Campaign Management: In the crowded, competitive online world, directing traffic is a real challenge. With Pleomatic SEM services you can run a multi location, multi language PPC campaign & get results in a matter of few hours.

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Organic SEO: Identify gaps in your search marketing strategy. Drive more qualified, better converting traffic to your website. Our SEO campaigns has reusability and brings you customers even after the SEO is finished.

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Social Media Marketing: Integrate your marketing efforts with the social media network to generate brand awareness, and gain loyal customers. Watch your website traffic flow and interaction steadily rise.

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Digital Communications: We Design a communications strategy that engages with your customers through email, mobile and social channels. We help you increase customer engagement through effective multi-channel targeting and execution.

social media monitoring

Search Intelligence: By Benchmarking your competitors' search marketing performance we can track down what terms are driving the paid/organic traffic away from you. Understand consumer behaviour and product/brand preferences. Add competitive edge to your PPC and SEO strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Digital Marketing Strategy

What is Digital marketing?

The dawn of the digital age has transformed marketing. As consumers shift online - and advertising activity and media spend follow them - marketers have greater opportunities. They can measure behavior and make decisions more accurately based on hard data about the consumers they serve and the channels they use. Simply put, digital marketing helps marketers leverage interactive digital channels to listen to what consumers say and respond appropriately.

Is Digital marketing expensive?

A Digital marketing campaign is customised to your specification. We offer advice and recommendations to help define your requirements. Like designing your own home, the budget is derived from your wants and needs. But Unlike Traditional Marketing; with Digital Marketing - you would know whats working for you and whats not. Get tremendous Returns on Marketing Investment with Digital Marketing.

What to get a Digital Marketing Campaign started?

You need to help us understand your business, your goals and objectives, your sales targets, your products/services, your USPs to help us help you. We help you to utilise the web to your advantage.

Can you get us on 1st page of Google?

Yes. We can certainly help you get better rankings on Google and other search engines, but we help you see a bigger picture beyond 'search'. The online marketing is constantly changing and we help you keep up with that for maximum visibility on Social, Display Networks and Mobile platforms too.

But I don't sell products online. How can Digital Marketing help me?

Even if you don't sell online - you can generate sales enquiries online no matter what you sell. We can help you prepare a strategy for Lead generation / Lead Nurturing for both B2B and B2C segments.

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