Focus: Small & Medium Businesses

Digital Marketing Plan for SMEs - Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

Whether you have a brick & mortar location, or a strictly online business... our SME Marketing Team knows your marketing prorities


SMEs are fast growing companies & usually have aggressive targets & plans. Every SME we worked with aim at establishing themselves as a trustworthy brand in near future. Often they have done some kind of offline or online marketing or both. We found Lead & Demand generation as SMEs biggest short term challenge while Branding & Customer loyalty a long term goal. Some of the SMEs or SMBs have in-house marketing and creative design/development team as well.

We are looking forward to analyze what strengths you already have in your business, and provide you with "real solutions" within your budget that will boost your profits in short term and help grow you as a Brand in the long term.

  • Product companiess can benefit from our Product Marketing services. Our messages connects quickly with your target market's language.
  • SME Marketing services are designed and run by a Team that helps Business owners make quick decision for faster time to revenue.
  • Our SME Marketing Specialists not only help you with your marketing plan, but also help you to implement many of them as well as you develop your brand.
  • Help you run pilot test campaigns on Mobile and local marketing avenues to measure the success rate of these new channels.
SME & SMB Team Mindset: 5 Focus Areas
  • The team understands the top priority of a SME which most often is - Sales and Branding.
  • The team is ready to offer recommendations and augment a SME's offline marketing activities as well.
  • As the team is already experienced working with many Industry verticals - which fosters creative ideas that translate into marketing communication.
  • The team has experience to work seamlessly with the in-house marketing / management / administrative teams of the clients.
  • SMEs require sudden upscaling or downscaling of resources and Ad spends based on many internal or external factors.

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