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Pay for Performance Marketing is Zero Risk Marketing

Pay for specific actionable events such as a sale or a lead. Pleomatic's Pay for Performance Marketing specifically targets the ROI metric and aligns very well with the "actual success" of your business. We take your marketing to the next level where you pay for specific actionable events such as a sale or a lead generated on your website. We achieve results for you by integrating online marketing tactics such as Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing and/or PPC Management.

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For optimum pay for performance results we carefully study your needs and use a combination of Inbound & Outbound Marketing tactics. This boosts your pay for performance campaigns. Still not convinced? Talk to an Marketing expert now »


How it works?


Top Benefits of Pay-for-Performance marketing

  • Assume less risk as we co-partner with you in your marketing efforts
  • You get NO ASSET VALUE from your PPC campaigns. Pay-for-Performance marketing works wonders for sites who are spending HUGE MARKETING $$ ON GOOGLE ADWORDS.
  • In-depth keyword research to locate winning keywords
  • Pay for Results ONLY
  • Best of both worlds - Organic Search & PPC
  • Clearcut ROMI
  • Marketing Operational support
  • Dedicated Account managers
  • Transparent tracking of the source of a lead/sale for Ecommerce as well as service based businesses.

Result Oriented Marketing

  • Pay us per generated lead
  • Pay us per sale
  • Pay for website traffic
  • Pay for Call to Action
  • Pay for newsletter sign-up
  • Pay for Impressions / Clicks
  • Pay per Telephone call
  • Pay per Enquiry
  • Pay for Increased Conversions
  • CPA (cost per acquisition/action)
  • Pay for any combination of the above

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Pay for Performance Marketing FAQ

Is there any setup cost for Pay for Performance Marketing?

Yes and No! It differs from campaign to campaign. For bigger campaigns we charge a one time setup fee anywhere between $500 - $1000.

How do i start Pay for Performance Marketing for my service or product?

Note: Pay for Performance marketing is meant for monthly retainer based campaigns which are 3-6 months or more old. You pay us an adjustable deposit of $1000. However we can run brand new Pay for Performance campaigns also for New Clients, for an adjustable deposit of $2000.

What if you are not comfortable sharing your website cPanel or FTP with us?

If privacy is a concern for you or if you dont want to share your website cPanel or FTP with us, we can create a micro site on a separate SEO optimized domain name and web server and route all the leads to your email, CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

How can i be sure that i am safe from fraudulent clicks, calls, form submissions etc

We recommend Pay for Performance marketing only to those clients who already have a good working relationship with us. Apart from that, we use systems and validation mechanisms to give you the best leads possible. Every lead or action is IP validated and completely transparent. After all, we benefit ONLY WHEN we add REAL VAlUE to your business.

What is the billing cycle for Pay for Performance marketing model?

We bill you monthly basis on a mutually accepted date.

What is NOT INCLUDED in Pay for Performance marketing model?

We don't charge you for the time, effort and labor until you achieve results. However we don't cover charges for designing or developing new creatives, brand literature, content, marketing budget for bidding on keywords etc. All these will be billed seperately.

How do we measure Pay-for-Performance marketing effectiveness?

Both parties are going to track and monitor the performance triggers. Transparent accounting, back-end systems, and tracking in order to facilitate a good working relationship

Can my SEO Campaigns be converted into Pay-for-Performance marketing model?

SEO is complex in nature and it takes a lot of up front work in order to do properly. A new marketing campaign takes 3-6 months before getting any traction in the search engines. Since so much work goes into the initial campaign, we suggest Pay-for-Performance model for managing ongoing marketing campaigns.

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