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E4 Marketing is the integration of disciplines in the marketing mix, so there is one unified message to the consumer, no matter what media or discipline is used. With E4 Marketing, a brand is made a part of consumer's lifestyle. And studies prove that a loyal consumer who is passionate about his/her brand will seldom look for any other. With E4 Marketing we help you build brands, win trust and shorten sales cycle.

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The outcome of E4 Marketing campaign can be either in the form of customer feedback, brand building, increasing or getting repeated sales. Its not about engagement, but being engaging! Still not convinced? Talk to our CMO now »


How E4 Marketing works?


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Traditional monologue marketing messages are created to target all consumers. The truth is - Markets are inherently different as a certain marketing message will spark a different reaction from a teenager than an adult. In Today's times, a customer won't like to be fed a monologue message, they would rather engage in a dialogue with your company. With E4 Marketing, we constantly review what kind of thoughts are going through the consumers minds? What are they feeling? and help organizations "Embrace" customers.

Connect your brand, product or idea through emotive experience.

In E4 Marketing, we use a combination of Content Marketing, Organic search, Display Adverts & a well planned Social Media Strategy based on your campaign goals & objectives, overseen directly by our CMO.



Why & when do you need E4 Marketing?

  • Deliver consistent message tied to the brands overall strategic positioning.
  • Integration with retail sales promotion campaigns.
  • Panoramas and Virtual tours: Interactive 360° images to present 3D space and atmosphere online.
  • Product Demos and Virtual Panoramic Walkthrough of Real Places on iPad, iPhone and Android
  • Exploit Online Public Relation to build awareness.
  • Activate sweepstakes / lucky draw / contest registration.
  • Extend the messages from your TV, FM Radio, online & print campaigns.
  • New product roll outs.
  • Promote Product sampling or Product Trails online as a part of our Experiential Marketing strategy.
  • Join conversations and build an on-going relationship with CRM integration.
  • Brand creation and activation: defining brand building blocks, articulating values & vision, creating compelling brand identity and going to market with the energy and confidence.

How do we execute E4 Marketing?

  • Identify and understand your target audience. Focus on the right marketing mix at the right place for the right reason.
  • Develop a program that is consumer relevant and integrated within the brand, overall marketing mix.
  • Create an interactive and sensory experience and encourage hands-on participation through sweepstakes, demos, trials, webinars and free samples.
  • Differentiate and elevate from competition's marketing strategy.
  • Pre-promote key launch events and create news that's relevant to attract media coverage.
  • Create and present a quality experience with quality people and attention to detail
  • Use the latest technology, but don't forget to give personalized attention to all customers.
  • Ensure flawless execution and target 100% customer satisfaction with the experience.
  • Develop a feedback and follow-up system to build brand loyalty and retain customem.
  • We make it a Fun experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on E4 Marketing Strategy?

Is E4 Marketing same as Experiential Marketing?

No. E4 Marketing uses a marketing mix, Experiential marketing is one such discipline. With Experiential marketing, we engage with your customers to create personally relevant, credible and memorable encounters.

When should i use E4 Marketing?

The biggest outcome of E4 Marketing strategy is Brand Building, Customer loyality and customer service through social media touchpoints. E4 Marketing can be used either as a standalone marketing campaign or to compliment traditional forms of marketing like TV, FM Radio and other offline advertisements.

How much does E4 Marketing cost?

There are no "fixed pricing plans" for E4 Marketing as the strategy varies from brand to brand. We use a combination of Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Viral Apps, Organic SEO, Display Adverts & a well planned social media strategy for E4 Marketing to succeed. The cost will be determined based your goals, tactics used and campaign run time. Please get in touch with us for a direct consultation with our CMO.

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