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CRO for E-commerce Stores

Attract more traffic from PPC & Oraganic SEO; convert more visitors into paying customers from our Conversion Optimization services; and build relationships and retain them forever using social media channels. Our ecommerce consultants are flexible and can engage in a variety of ways to meet your ecommerce business objectives.

Reach new shoppers - increase conversions, boost sales & improve ROI

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Pleomatic's ecommerce optimization provide a broad array of professional services including: site analytics, online marketing strategy and management, strategic planning, vendor selection, and technology evaluation & selection. Talk to our E-commerce Website Optimization expert now »


How it works?


PPC Campaign Management

What are the services we provide?

  • Conversion Optimization Audit
  • User and Compatibility Testing
  • Total Website Optimization
  • Conversion Optimization Modeling
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Customer Experience Optimization
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Conversion & Sales Funnel Optimization
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment Reduction
  • Online Testing and Test Validation
  • Multivariate (MVT) Testing
  • Heat-mapping and Gaze Plotting
  • eCommerce Checkout Optimization
  • Scroll-mapping
  • Value Proposition Development
  • Persuasion Engineering
  • Holistic Search & Display Marketing
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Media Buying
  • PPC – Adwords & BingAds Professionals
  • Real-time Bidding
  • Market & Competitor Analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Web Analytics
  • Reporting & Analysis

Full Service E-commerce Marketing Campaigns

From setting up campaigns, analysis of the data, monitoring, goal and conversion optimization, negotiating and buying media, we take care of every aspect to promote your online store. You set the direction. We make it happen while you Sit back and relax!

Tactics used:

Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Marketing: Chances are you are already using PPC to promote your online shopping website. A Google certified PPC expert can bring in a fresh pair of eyes to identify new PPC & SEO keyword opportunities to target new shoppers, boost your sales & improve ROMI.

Display Advertising Display Advertising: Get maximum bang for the buck through our media planning, buying & CPA campaign management across all UK & US Ad networks, exchanges & publishers.

3rd party shopping site feeds

3rd party: Manage and promote shopping feeds on Shopping Comparison & Discount sites. Also get your products live with,, seller programs for wider audience reach.

Conversion OptimizationConversion Optimization: Using tools like WebTrends, Google, Omniture and Nielson, we get insights on visitor intent and buying triggers, find pages they like and dont like. We address SKU Conversion Performance, Customer Acquisition vs Retention rates, Shopping Cart Abandonment rates, & take corrective measures for better visitor engagement.

Affiliate Management Affiliate Management: We can fully manage or set-up affiliate program and make sure that it aligns with your current overall marketing strategy.

accountable-marketing Measurable & Accountable Marketing: We understand the importance of Return On Advertising Spending to your bottom line, hence everything we do is 100% measurable and accountable.


Convertion Rate Optimization(CRO) Workflow

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What we cover under PPC Ad Management services?

How can you measure and optimize conversions on my site?

Conversion optimization is achieved through tests! We use a variety of testing frameworks to evaluate parameters like

  • Call To Action Copy
  • Headlines
  • Images and Graphics
  • Font Sizes and Colors
  • Navigation
  • Pricing and Special Offers
  • Guarantee and Security Statements
  • Testimonials and Awards
  • Background Design
  • Button Color and Shape
These tests gives us quantified reports for better conversions for your shopping site, or even a particular category.

Do you optimize only landing pages?

No, optimizing a landing page is just one of the things we do. We do thorough testing on your shooping store homepage, product category page, product listing page, checkout process, inquiry forms and many other pages against one another.

How long does it take for achieving results?

It depends on the number of issues you are facing in your website to convert visitors into paid customers. Typically it takes 2 to 4 months. If previous statistics and FTP access are available, it makes the process even faster.

Do I have to run any Pleomatic™ PPC or SEO campaigns to perform conversion optimization on my site?

No. We can help you with conversions even if you or any other agency is managing the traffic generation activities. We will communicate directly with the agency, or you in case of any queries or concerns regarding the PPC or SEO campaign.

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