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Inbound marketing or pull marketing works great to attract consumers who already know or already interested in your product or service. But what if your product isn't even known? chances are then nobody will be looking for it! Mixbound Marketing works BEST if your customers don't know about your product, or if consumers simply aren't actively looking for your product because of lack of need or want.

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Pleomatic has brand marketing experience of a traditional marketer, with the technical expertise of a digital marketer, with the segmenting insights of a data-driven marketer. Still not convinced? Talk to one of our Mixbound Marketer now »


How we execute Mixbound marketing for maximum ROI?


Mixbound Marketing is a synergistic combination of outbound and inbound approaches. This usually creates results faster than Inbound marketing because you are proactively sending your message. You choose how, when, and how often prospective customers see your selling messages. From our experience, if a push marketing campaign to succeed, you need to send your message often and to a big audience in order to draw in your leads. In Mixbound Marketing, we incorporate the best of both approaches to provide you with the greatest possible return.

Mixbound marketing integrates the best of Inbound & Outbound approaches strategically rather than implementing them as stand-alone approaches that are executed as completely separate marketing initiatives.
Marketing whether digital or traditional has 2 parts - the Message (Positioning, Offering, Content) & The Campaign (One or more channels). With Mixbound Marketing your marketing message is spread using select inbound & outbound channels that delivers you highest ROMI.



When to use Mixbound Marketing?

  • 1. New businesses and unknown brands can generate exposure and create awareness through Mixbound Marketing campaigns quickly
  • 2. If you are selling complex solutions $5000 (or more) & by focusing on well-defined, high potential segments with large deal potential, even one close may pay for the outbound marketing program many times over
  • 3. Mixbound Marketing can be used effectively for Primary Market Research so that you can profile segments in a precise way and use criteria that are meaningful to you. This insight gained is a bonus spin off from the core goal of generating qualified leads
  • 4. An experienced Life coach might decide to use e-mail marketing (Outbound tactic) because he has a long client list. He decides to use it for creating awareness about his product. He also blogs (inbound tactic) as a way of disseminating useful training information and demonstrating his expertise to potential clients.
  • 5. An Architect can make use print Ads as an Outbound marketing technique while using social media to position himself as an expert in his social media circle. With a Mixbound Strategy he can network with a diverse array of people, and become a respected member in the relevant social communities.
  • 6. You may use an outbound strategy to promote registration for an event via Email marketing which has a link to download a case study from your website by filling up a form. Now if the responder takes the extra step and downloads the case study, that action could trigger further consumption of content from your website for follow ups. At the same time tweeting the conference #hashtag and having fun interacting with everyone in your target social channels builds curiosity & fans. After the conference, follow up with another piece of powerful content. Give them a compelling reason to connect with you via email, and the appropriate social network (YouTube, Facebook or Twitter for B2C companies, and LinkedIn and Twitter for B2b companies). Thus with Mixbound Marketing your event marketing budget delivers you maximum returns.

What type of Consumers to target?

  • The Unaware Buyer: He or she is evaluating but is unaware of your solution despite your high level of marketing activity (including inbound marketing). Outbound marketing may be your only option to reach these type of buyers.
  • The Puzzled Buyer has some misconceptions that have precluded consideration of your solution. By persuading the buyer through direct, interactive, phone or web-based communication, these buyer's misconceptions can be corrected through dialog.
  • The Buyer with Unmet Needs may have underlying needs that have not been openly discussed with a third party. Or perhaps, the buyer was unaware of a solution that would address her needs so had not initiated an evaluation. Early stage solutions that are new-to-market often target buyers with latent needs.
  • The Tuned-out Buyer participate in social media or conduct online searches. Some buyers expect that some vendors must reach out to them as a precondition to considering their solution.
  • The Know it all Buyer: They think they know everything about the product but in reality they either uses a competitive product or about to take a call. They either know about you & have ruled you out, or they don't. These are high rate conversions as they aren't expert enough until outbound marketing reaches them, and educates them.
  • B2B marketing is part art & part science. Given the length of the marketing and sales cycle, we can often identify many of the touches that led to a closed sale but we are unable to pinpoint the catalyst that converted the buyer. Webinars, events, demos and free trials are excellent bridging tactics to take a lead to the point they are ready to engage with sales. Perhaps it's the cumulative impact of both online and offline touches through both inbound and outbound marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Mixbound Marketing

What is Mixbound Marketing?

Mixbound Marketing is a term coined by CMO of Pleomatic in the year 2009. Mixbound Marketing utilizes the best techniques of Push aka Outbound Marketing & Pull aka Inbound Marketing for maximum ROMI. Mixbound Marketing helps in Branding, Driving targeted Traffic and converting them in to paying customers.

What is Push Marketing?

Push Marketing or Outbound Marketing is is the proactive process of finding potential customers and motivating them to buy your products and services. This form of marketing is interruptive - hence caller ID, call blocking, spam filters and pop-up blockers, makes it harder to get through to your market niche.

Is Push Marketing & Outbound Marketing any different?

No; Push Marketing and Outbound Marketing are used interchangeably in Marketing. They are essentially the same.

What tactics are used in Mixbound Marketing?

We use a combination of Inbound and Outbound Tactics. The key is to be clear about what you want to accomplish with your marketing strategy and to select techniques that allow you to achieve your goals.

Is PPC considered as Push Marketing?

The answer is Yes and No. Yes, because its NOT interruptive and its more of a permission based marketing. NO, because it doesnot builds long term asset for the product or service and expensive to maintain over long time.

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