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Online Reputation Management

In today's world where communication is real-time and freely available to everyone, it's critical to monitor and safeguard your Online business reputation. As different industries has different challenges and issues from an online store to celebrities, from product launch campaigns to charities - your Customers and clients can be very easily influenced by what they read and share whether it's true or not.

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Reputation destruction is often severe though the cause may have originated by a tiny spark caused by a seemingly harmless source. We work in partnership with PR companies, celebrity agents, lawyers and attorneys to offer a full solution to defend your online reputation against negative press/media. Let us Fix your Online Reputation now »


How we Safeguard your Online Reputation?


Online Reputation Management

No business is perfect! While an online allegation might be true, more often than not, its the unsubstantiated rumors that inflict more damage and a chain of bad press. Anyone can post rumors and fake reviews online, any time - including your competitors.

How we manage your Online Reputation?

  • Signed NDA for Confidentiality of Clients & Services provided
  • Analyze Negative & Positive Mentions on Social channels and web
  • Prepare complete report
  • Strategic Damage control Planning & Implementation
  • Content Creation and Promotion
  • Multimedia Creation and Promotion
  • Increase Social Media Exposure
  • Promoting Local Listings
  • Online Reputation Monitoring
  • Removal of Negative Information
  • Ongoing support and pre-emtive measures taken

What causes Negative Online Reputation?

  • Angry customers
  • Disillusioned (ex) employee
  • Disparaging blog posts
  • Poor after-sales service
  • Unfair news articles
  • Exaggerated reviews
  • Hostile forum comments
  • Blatant smear campaigns
  • Mischief spreading unsubstantiated rumors
  • Misleading interpretations of blogs/forum posts/interview excerpts

How we safeguard your Online Business Reputation?


Preemptive Reputation Management: If you let your reputation slide early on, it may take a lifetime to neutralize it. Remember - It's much easier to make Google remember nice things about you than to forget. Negative content naturally attracts more negative comments and heated discussions. Publishing positive online content and monitoring the Web for negative content is the key strategy.

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Actively monitor what people are saying about you: Your prospects, customers, employees and competitors are saying things you need to hear. Our Dedicated team and servers keep a sharp eye on all Internet avenues like blogs, forums, social networks, search engine rankings, websites of competitors etc for any comments or discussions that might turn ugly.

It takes a lifetime to build reputation and a few minutes to ruin it!. Before doing business with you, people first look up on Google. And if they see anything negative - true or not - 90% of them go to your competitor.

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Online Reputation Management FAQ

Will i be able to delete my negative reviews on Google?

Yes and No. We can permanently get bad reviews removed from "some complaint board sites", but not from all. In those cases using our online-reputation management tactics, we bury bad reviews by boosting the search rankings of more positive information about your company or its products or services. An example of a Tactic is publishing a series of online releases filled with positive news about your business and creating micro-Websites about your products or services to carefully divert online search results from the negative reviews.

What type of clients have you already worked with - successfully?

We have successfully implemented online reputation management campaigns from more than 20 types of industries including Doctors, Hotel, Restaurant, Real Estate, Builders, Flat Promoters, business-to-business B2B, retail, Spa, Resorts, Celebrity, dentists, Colleges, Deemed Universities, car dealerships and many more.

How long does it take to remove bad reviews?

It depends on the number of complaints and the severity of the problem. Generally clients can start seeing results in as little as 3-4 weeks. Each client is unique as well as each situation. We will provide realistic time-frames upon our consultation.

How much does online reputation management cost?

The price depends on how many negative mentions there are and how many search terms show up in searches and social channels. Some clients only care about getting the first page rankings while other want the first ten pages to be made free from bad reviews. Our pricing is most competitive in the market for online reputation management services.

Will anyone come to know about this?

We give you in writing that no one will ever know you have hired us, unless offcourse you tell them! We do not discuss our reputation management clients with anyone outside our organization.

Will I get reports on your progress?

Yes, we send a progress report every 15 days. During the first 30-days of a reputation management campaign we communicate more frequently.

Can you get bad / / reviews removed?

Yes and no. / / reviews can be removed if they are in violation of site guidelines. These include personal attacks, not involving first hand experience or irrelevant reviews. We work in partnership with PR companies, celebrity agents, lawyers and attorneys to offer a full solution to defend your reputation online against negative press/media.

Can you help me with my personal reputation problems?

If there are any negative posts, reviews or feedbacks associated to you, we will help you to get rid of them from the top ten results in Google, Yahoo and Bing in just 60 days! This will be done using 100% ethical SEO methods

How do i start my online reputation management campaign?

Get a confidential, Free, No-Obligation Quote with a list of negative reviews and bad comments report against your brand or service. After consultation with you, we will quote you the price, time-frame and reporting frequency.

Do you offer online reputation maintenance as well?

Yes, we offer reputation monitoring and reputation maintenance services. This services keeps pushing your brand forward in a positive way.

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