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With Pleomatic as your MPO partner- get all your marketing activities done on-demand via a single dedicated agency.


Marketing is an ongoing process that involves carrying out a complex bunch of tasks simultaneously while not compromising on efficiency and effectiveness. Stiffer competition has made the task of marketing departments much tougher, with an increased emphasis on getting better than competitors and in meeting stakeholders' expectations when it comes to business communication, RoI and effective CRM with prospects and clients.
In marketing, the main challenge for any organisation is the need to liaison with a lot of marketing agencies like PR agencies, Ad agencies, Media Houses, Research firms etc. so as to meet their marketing objectives. These agencies when they work in isolation work on their specific objective rather than the overall objective of the organisation. This makes it difficult for organisations to reach their goal.

What are the top benefits of Marketing Process Outsourcing?

It takes a considerable amount of financial resources & technical expertise in diverse domains ranging from the conventional practices of advertising and sales promotion to the more modern ideas of website development and social media interaction. Large companies with impressive turnovers can afford high operational costs and internal investments to fund internal marketing department or team. But for companies falling under the category of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME); face bottlenecks such as financial inadequacy and lack of human capital in both qualitative and quantitative terms.

MPO is ideal for MSMEs because:

  • MPO provides SMEs more control & predictability on the overall marketing operations.
  • With a MPO team by your side; SMEs can better understand the needs of their clients and deliver value
  • A MPO can bridge the gaps that exist in the traditional marketing model for better in-house and offshore team co-ordination
  • Enhance your in-house marketing and sales efforts seamlessly
  • MPOs is very cost effective as compared to an in house marketing function
  • Focus on your primary business model as a dedicated MPO implements your Marketing plan.
  • By hiring an MPO company, you get instant and continuous access to Experts and Experienced marketing professionals
  • MPOs are responsible to Deliver End business objectives and not just complete a set of tasks.
Business enterprises that are used to deal with several marketers & multiple marketing agencies will find Pleomatic's MPO services ideal.

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